Can What You Eat Affect Your Mental Health?

The answer is yes! What we eat, has a direct effect on the structure and function of our brain. Our brain requires a constant supply of food to be able to manage a multitude of complex tasks. Our brain uses a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food, to perform these vital functions. A lack of nutrients can impair brain function, and affect our thinking and mood.

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10 Strategies to Promote Sleep

Sleep is imperative to maintaining and improving brain health. During the day our brains are exposed to an enormous amount of auditory, visual and other stimuli. Memories associated with these stimuli are processed, organized and stored while we sleep. Also while we sleep, the brain via its glymphatic system, rids our brains of toxins that build up over the day. Chemicals secreted during deeper stages of sleep play a critical role in repairing brain structures and function.

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What is Mindfulness?

People have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years. Mindfulness is the act of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present.

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10 Essential Steps for Taking Medication Safely

Errors can occur in the storage, prescribing, transcription, dispensing, administration and monitoring of medications and can result in harm. Follow these tips to reduce your risk.

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Psychiatric Medications, Should I or Shouldn't I? Part 2

When I made the decision to use psychotropic medications to treat the severe symptoms my son was experiencing, it was with great trepidation. It was because my son’s suffering was extreme, he had completely withdrawn from the world and any contact he did have often resulted in violent, hostile, aggressive interactions. Jordan didn’t have the capacity to articulate, reflect or understand what was going on. Eventually if left on this path I’m convinced that he or someone else would experience significant harm as a result of his state of mind.

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Psychiatric Medications, Should I or Shouldn't I? Part 1

Medications can play a significant role in the treatment of mental health issues. These chemical substances alter brain function by targeting neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain. The medications do not address the underlying issues associated with mental illness but can be very effective at reducing or eliminating symptoms. This in turn can lead to positive changes in thinking, emotion and behaviours.

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