Educational Seminars & Workshops

Educational Seminars
& Workshops

MHS provides educational sessions  that  focus on understanding mental illness and health, treatment and rehabilitation options and approaches, self-management strategies and steps to understanding and navigating the mental health system.

Educational Seminars & Workshops


Mental Health Essentials

  • Understanding mental Health
  • Understanding mental illness (signs, symptoms, diagnosis, causes, risks for)
  • Relationship between physical and mental health
  • Treatments, therapies and alternative approaches are used (ortho molecular biology, hypnosis, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, tai-chi)
  • What you can do (nutrition, exercise, sleep, change thinking/behaviour, transforming suffering, harm reduction, substance use, attachment/meaning, mindfulness, wellbeing, balance, resilience, positive supoorts, productive, empowerment, choice (respond, react), set goals)

Navigating the Mental Health System

  • What hospital based services and supports are available and how are they accessed?
  • What community based services and supports are available and how are they accessed? (Includes housing, social assistance, addiction and court diversion).
  • What are the roles of mental health service providers? (Psychiatrist, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, vocational counsellor, addictions counsellor, peer support worker, community support worker, case manager).
  • What level of service to expect? (Informed consent, choice, respect, empathy, non-judgement)
  • How to address service concerns. (Hospital or organization management, governing colleges, patient advocate, ombudsmen)
  • Resources

Creating  Healthy Organizations

  • Mental Health Issues 
  • Challenges and Barriers
  • Legislation governing employers and educators (AODA, OHRC)
  • Supporting Students/Colleagues
  • Resources

Preparing for an employee’s/student’s return to work/school

  • How can I approach employee/student
  • What is a reasonable accommodation
  • What if an accommodation is provided and it's still not working out
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of employers/employees, unions
  • Supporting colleagues
  • Accommodation strategies
  • Communcation

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