New Year's Resolutions, Yes or No?

The debate as to whether New Year’s Resolutions are beneficial, useless or even harmful continues.

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Have You Ever Felt Broken?

Have you ever felt broken, beyond repair, like damaged goods? Are you living in a state of fear, pain, sadness, regret, betrayal, hopelessness, despair or disillusionment?

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Meaninglessness and Mental Illness

Struggling with a sense of meaningless in our lives is a common phenomenon. There is also a significant association between meaninglessness and mental illness. The experience of a lack of meaning can be characterized by boredom, apathy, emptiness, anger, and cynicism. A person who feels that life is meaningless lacks direction, and questions the point of most of life’s activities. This void can lead to mental health issues like depression and reliance on drugs and alcohol to cope.

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Exercise and Brain Health

Exercise is one of the best strategies for maintaining our brain health and improving our mental health. Studies have demonstrated that regular aerobic exercise, the kind that gets our hearts pumping, improves the structure, function and connectivity of our brain.

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Substance Use and Mental Illness

Individuals with mental illness are twice as likely to have a co-occurring substance use issue than individuals without mental illness. Conversely, people with substance use issues are more likely to have co-occurring mental health problems.

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Are You Enough?

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 1st Annual Women In Business Leadership Transformation Retreat, hosted by Avril Riley, Founder of Chrysolite Consulting Inc. Speaker, Crystal D’Cunha, The Inside View’s, Chief Experience Officer, posed this question to the participants, “What is your greatest fear”?

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