Psychiatric Medications, Should I or Shouldn't I? Part 1

Medications can play a significant role in the treatment of mental health issues. These chemical substances alter brain function by targeting neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain. The medications do not address the underlying issues associated with mental illness but can be very effective at reducing or eliminating symptoms. This in turn can lead to positive changes in thinking, emotion and behaviours.

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What is Mental Illness?

The definition of mental illness is consistently evolving. Although educational campaigns and the increasing willingness of individuals living with mental illness to speak about their experiences have shifted the dialogue on mental illness, the stigma associated with mental illness persists.

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Welcome to the MHS blog! Here you will find information that will hopefully improve your sense of well-being. The topics and issues that will be explored and examined in this blog are based on my professional and personal experiences, best practices, and research and new developments in mental health.

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