Educational Seminars & Workshops

Educational Seminars
& Workshops

MHS provides educational sessions  that  focus on understanding mental illness and health, treatment and rehabilitation options and approaches, self-management strategies and steps to understanding and navigating the mental health system.

Educational Seminars & Workshops


Mental Health Essentials

  • Understanding mental Health
  • Understanding mental illness (signs, symptoms, diagnosis, causes, risks for)
  • Relationship between physical and mental health
  • Treatments, therapies and alternative approaches are used (ortho molecular biology, hypnosis, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, tai-chi)
  • What you can do (nutrition, exercise, sleep, change thinking/behaviour, transforming suffering, harm reduction, substance use, attachment/meaning, mindfulness, wellbeing, balance, resilience, positive supoorts, productive, empowerment, choice (respond, react), set goals)

Navigating the Mental Health System

  • What hospital based services and supports are available and how are they accessed?
  • What community based services and supports are available and how are they accessed? (Includes housing, social assistance, addiction and court diversion).
  • What are the roles of mental health service providers? (Psychiatrist, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, vocational counsellor, addictions counsellor, peer support worker, community support worker, case manager).
  • What level of service to expect? (Informed consent, choice, respect, empathy, non-judgement)
  • How to address service concerns. (Hospital or organization management, governing colleges, patient advocate, ombudsmen)
  • Resources

Creating  Organisations that Promote Mental Health

  • Impact of workplace culture, processes, policies, structures and interactions on the psychological health and safety of employees
  • The 7 branches of law including occupational health and safety statutes, employment contract law, labour law, tort law, human rights legislation, worker's compensation statues, and employment standards legislation associated with the emerging duty to provide a safe system of work 
  • Establishing a proactive rather than reactive approach:  Adopting a mental health strategy
  • Identifying, mitigating and eliminating potential risks
  • Creating a culture where workers feel they can safely ask for support
  • Key considerations for moving forward

Preparing for an employee’s/student’s return to work/school

  • How can I approach employee/student
  • What is a reasonable accommodation
  • What if an accommodation is provided and it's still not working out
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of employers/employees, unions
  • Supporting colleagues
  • Accommodation strategies
  • Communcation

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