Why Do People Self-Injure?

Self-injury is defined as intentional direct damage to one’s body without suicidal intent. There is a distinction between individuals who self-injure in order to cope with overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and those attempting to end their lives.

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10 Strategies for Managing Stress Associated with Caring for an Autistic Child

Recently, during a visit to the grocery store, I overheard the blood curdling, inconsolable screams of a distressed child. It brought back memories of the numerous, similar experiences I had with my son Jordan.

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Cannabis, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

On April 13, 2017, the Government of Canada introduced legislation to legalize and regulate cannabis, for recreational use. Access to cannabis for medical use was introduced by Health Canada in 2001.

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New Year's Resolutions, Yes or No?

The debate as to whether New Year’s Resolutions are beneficial, useless or even harmful continues.

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Have You Ever Felt Broken?

Have you ever felt broken, beyond repair, like damaged goods? Are you living in a state of fear, pain, sadness, regret, betrayal, hopelessness, despair or disillusionment?

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Meaninglessness and Mental Illness

Struggling with a sense of meaningless in our lives is a common phenomenon. There is also a significant association between meaninglessness and mental illness. The experience of a lack of meaning can be characterized by boredom, apathy, emptiness, anger, and cynicism. A person who feels that life is meaningless lacks direction, and questions the point of most of life’s activities. This void can lead to mental health issues like depression and reliance on drugs and alcohol to cope.

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