Mental Health & Wellness Review For Organizations

Mental Health & Wellness Review for Organizations

Approximately 20% of employees will experience a significant mental health issue or crisis.  Mental Health Solutions assists organizations to examine their mental health culture including an assessment of health benefits, environmental considerations, sick policies, and health and wellness services. This evaluation includes stakeholder (employee, student, volunteer, manager etc.) consultations via surveys and focus groups.  Finally Mental Health Solutions will present an in-depth report outlining strengths and recommendations for growth.

Mental Health and Wellness Review for Organizations

Organizational Health Audit

Step 1

A review of company culture (environmental scan including an exploration of attitudes beliefs and approaches)

Step 2

Examination of  services and supports provided (employee benefits, health and wellness services, environmental considerations)

Step 3

Stakeholder (employee/student/volunteer/management etc.) consultations (surveys, focus groups

Step 4

Feedback outlining strengths and recommendations for growth 

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